Alphabetical Index
for the Letter "J"

The Jackie Robinson Story (Biography; Sports/Baseball; U.S./1945 - 1991 & Diversity; SEL: Male Role Model; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness, Respect, Citizenship) [8+ ]

James' Journey to Jerusalem (World/Israel; Religions; SEL: Friendship; Father/Son; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Responsibility; Respect; Fairness) [12+]

The Jazz Singer (Cinema; U.S./1913 - 1929, Diversity & New York; Music/Popular; SEL: Breaking Out; Talent; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring) [12+]


The Joy Luck Club (U.S./1945 - 1991, Diversity and California; World/China; SEL: Mother/Daughter/ Surviving; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Caring) [14+]

Judgment at Nuremberg (U.S./1941 - 1945, The Law; World/WWII; SEL: Justice; Human Rights, Male Role Model; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect, Responsibility Fairness) [10+]

Julius Caesar (Drama/England; World/Ancient Rome; SEL: Ambition; Rebellion; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [12+]

The suggested age range appears in brackets at the end of each entry. Topics relating to Social and Emotional Learning appear after the term "SEL". "Moral-Ethical Emphasis" is a reference to Character Counts' Six Pillars of Character.

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