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Pink Floyd: The Wall Snippet Lesson Plan on Determining Theme [10+; snippet: Fifteen minutes, Lesson: three 45 - 55 minute class periods]

Walk on Water World/Israel; Germany; WW/II Holocaust; SEL: Sexual Orientation; Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Caring) [14+]

Wall-E - Talking and Playing for Growth (SEL: The Environment; Romantic Relationships; Taking Care of Yourself; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring) [4 - 8]

War of the Buttons - Using Characterization in Literary Analysis (ELA: characterization; World/Ireland; SEL: Fighting; Friendship; Leadership; Parenting; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Caring) [10+]

War and Peace (Literature/Russia; World/Russia & France) [10+]

War on Whistleblowers: Free Press and the National Security State — part of a Unit on National Security Whistleblowers (Courage; Subjects: U.S. 1945 - Current, the Press & the Law; Civics; Moral-Ethical Responsibility; Citizenship) [13+]

Warm Springs (U.S./1913 - 1929 & Georgia; Biography; SEL: Courage; Disabilities; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility; Caring) [12+]

Water (World/India; Religions/Hinduism; ELA; SEL: Human Rights; Suicide; Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring; Fairness) [12+; Literary devices analyzed: character, symbols, subplot, foils and irony]

West Side Story (Drama/Musicals; U.S./1945 - 1991, Diversity & New York; Dance/Performance; SEL: Fighting; Revenge; Romantic Relationships; Bad Associations; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring; Citizenship) [12+]

Whale Rider (World/New Zealand; ELA, including characterization, symbol and foil; SEL: Breaking Out; Female Role Model; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect) [12+]

What's Eating Gilbert Grape (Health; Literature; SEL: Breaking Out; Disabilities; Parenting; Families in Crisis; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [13+]

When a Man Loves a Woman (U.S./1945 - 1991; SEL: Alcohol & Drug Abuse; Romantic Relationships; Marriage; Parenting; Father/daughter; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Caring) [13+]

Where the Red Fern Grows (SEL: Grieving; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Perseverance; Fairness,) [8-12+]


Whistleblowers — A Unit on National Security Whistleblowers featuring a choice of four films: Citizenfour; War on Whistleblowers, Silenced, and The Most Dangerous Man in America (U.S. 1945 - Current & the Press; the Law; Civics; SEL: Courage; Moral-Ethical Responsibility; Citizenship) [13+]

White Nights (Dance; World/Cold War & Russia; U.S./Diversity; SEL: Breaking Out; Courage; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Respect) [13+]

The White Rose (World/Germany & WW II; SEL: Rebellion; Courage; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness) (13+)

Winged Migration (Science; the Environment; SEL: Caring for Animals) [12+]

Winslow Homer: An American Original (U.S./1861 - 1913; Visual Arts; Medicine-Psychiatry; Biography; SEL: Talent; Grieving; Mental Illness; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness; Responsibility) [8 - 12]

The Witness (U.S./1991 - present & New York; SEL: Caring for Animals; Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Respect; Caring) [13+]

The Wizard of Oz—Primary School Version (Cinema; Drama/Musicals; U.S./1865-1913; SEL: Self-esteem; Friendship; Taking Care of Yourself; Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring) [5+]

The Wizard of Oz—Secondary School Version (Cinema; Drama/Musicals; U.S./1865-1913; SEL: Self-esteem; Friendship; Taking Care of Yourself; Breaking Out; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness, Respect, Caring) [12+]

The Wizard of Oz - Hero's Journey (This hero's journey lesson can be used (1) to confirm and extend students' prior knowledge of the Monomyth or (2) as a summative assessment.) [12+]

The Words (Literature; SEL: Ambition, Romantic Relationships, Work/Career; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Trustworthiness) [15+]

The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk -- Short Subject -- from the series "This is America Charlie Brown" (U.S./1865 - 1913; Aviation; SEL: Ambition, Brothers; Moral-Ethical Emphasis: Responsibility) [8 - 11; 24 minutes]

Writing Narratives: Teaching Students to Write a Narrative (ELA: Narratives) [12+].

The suggested age range appears in brackets at the end of each entry. Topics relating to Social and Emotional Learning appear after the term "SEL". "Moral-Ethical Emphasis" is a reference to Character Counts' Six Pillars of Character.

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