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Lesson Plans For Secondary School Students
Based on Full Length Movies

Note that all Snippets and Short Subjects are fully developed lesson plans but are not included in this list.

Homework Projects:

  • Movies as Literature Homework Project for ELA classes. Help students understand that movies tell stories that can be analyzed using the elements and devices of fiction. You may change the way your students look at film for their entire lives without a large investment of class time.

  • Historical Fiction in Film Homework Project. Without a large expenditure of class time, this unit requires students to watch as homework movies that are historical fiction. They are required to analyze the films for the elements and devices of fiction and for their historical accuracy and perspective.

  • Television Show Homework Project. Teach students about what they love to watch.

Lesson Plans Based on Full-Length Movies:

  • Alcoholism & Codependence — "When a Man Loves a Woman" provides a dramatic representation of how alcoholism and the recovery process affect a marriage in which the husband has developed behaviors that enable his wife's drinking. The lesson plan provides the theoretical framework for students to understand the operation of codependence.

  • The Human Rights of Artists — Based on "For Love or Country The Arturo Sandoval Story", this lesson plan helps students understand the importance of freedom of expression as it applies to the arts. It is excellent for both World History and Fine Arts classes.

  • "Migration, Nomadism and Dormancy Lesson Plan" — Knowing how living organisms adapt to the cyclical changes in their environment is important for an understanding of biology. This lesson plan is designed to be used in conjunction with portions of "Winged Migration".

  • Nutrition — Obesity Epidemic: A Lesson Plan for Health Classes based on 'Super Size Me' Health classes are enhanced when students watch this movie and teachers confirm and supplement the facts set out in the film.

  • The Scientific Method: The Development of Lorenzo's Oil, Strange Twists of Fate, and the Scientific Method — Using the strong emotions set off by watching this film, the lesson plan is a mental exercise in applying the scientific method and developing hypotheses in the real world situation faced by Lorenzo's parents.

  • The Invention of Lying — This comedy presents an alternate universe which is the same as the modern day U.S. except no one knows how to lie and everyone speaks exactly what comes into their minds.

Other Lesson Plans for Secondary Level Students
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