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Pairing of Nonfiction Books and Film
April 25, 2012 by | Posted in General Topics, History, Subjects, Teaching Tips


Hawthorne is to The Rolling Stones as “Young Goodman Brown” is to “Sympathy for the Devil
February 16, 2012 by | Posted in English, General Topics, Subjects


Using the Movie Babies to Inspire Quality Writing
February 3, 2012 by | Posted in English, Teaching Tips


Visual Metaphors and Writing Assignments Using a Clip from Thelma and Louise
January 27, 2012 by | Posted in English, Movies, Teaching Tips


What We Can Learn About Teacher Accountability and Motif from Man on Fire and the Child Savior
December 5, 2011 by | Posted in English, Movies


Winter Work: Four Ways to Keep Your Students Learning Over Winter Break
November 16, 2011 by | Posted in English, Social Studies, Teaching Tips


Teaching the Hero’s Journey of Internal Growth & Development Using Movies
October 24, 2011 by | Posted in English


Why Social Studies Classes Should Teach Students How to Watch Movies that are Historical Fiction
September 21, 2011 by | Posted in History, Movies, Social Studies


Teaching Stories Told on Screens in English Language Arts Classes
August 7, 2011 by | Posted in English, Subjects