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SUBJECTS — U.S./1945 - 1991 & The Law;
MORAL-ETHICAL EMPHASIS — Fairness; Respect; Citizenship.

1957 Version: Age: 11+; Not Rated; Drama; 96 minutes; B & W.

1997 Version: Age: 11+; MPAA Rating: PG-13; Drama; 117 minutes; Color.


Twelve Angry Men, Jury Deliberations
12 Angry Men shows jury deliberations in a murder trial from the inside:

     -- the false starts

     -- the personality conflicts

     -- the anger and the prejudice

     -- and finally the joint effort of several minds working together to find the truth.

The first vote is 11 to 1 to convict but ...

Other than voting, jury service is the most important way that most citizens contribute to self-government. The Learning Guide for 12 Angry Men helps teachers and parents guide students through an exploration of jury deliberations and the concept of due process.'s Movie Lesson Plans and Learning Guides are used by thousands of teachers to motivate students. They provide background and discussion questions that lead to fascinating classes. Parents can use them to supplement what their children learn in school.

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12 Angry Men is one of the classics of American film and probably the best way to show students the jury process in action.


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Twelve Angry Men, Jury Deliberations

To give you a sense of how this film and its Learning Guide can help teachers and parents supplement curriculum focusing on jury deliberations and due process we have set out below some discussion questions that you will find in the Guide to 12 Angry Men.

If the one juror had not spoken up and if he had gone along with the other jurors, the young defendant would have been convicted based on one juror's prejudice, another juror's desire to end the deliberations in time for a baseball game, yet another juror's anger at his son, and the failure of the jury to really consider the facts. Would that have been right?

After watching this movie, do you agree that verdicts in criminal trials should be unanimous?

In this film the dissenting juror did something that is forbidden. What was it?

What would have happened to the rights of this young man if "due process of law" had not been applied by the jury in the jury deliberations?

What is "due process of law" and why is it important?

The Learning Guide to the film 12 Angry Men contains sections on Benefits of the Movie, Possible Problems, Helpful Background, Discussion Questions, Links to the Internet, and Bridges to Reading. The Discussion Questions are divided into three categories: Subject Matter, Social-Emotional Learning, and Moral-Ethical Emphasis.

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Twelve Angry Men, Jury Deliberations

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