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      Teachers and parents seeking the full range of curriculum standards which can be served by this film should carefully review the standards applicable to their state. The following is a base from which to start for the eleven most populous states. We have not included standards which apply to general concepts or to skills of analysis or performance.

    California: English Language Arts Content Standards: Grades 11 and 12: Reading: 3.5; 3.7.B-.C and 3.8;


    Texas: High School §110.44. English III: (b): (8)(b)-(d) and (9);

    New York: English Language Arts, Standard 2- Language for Literary Response and Expression: Intermediate and Commencement Levels: 1;

    Florida: Language Arts Grade 6 - 8: Literature Standard 1 (LA.E.1.3) and Standard 2 (LA.E.2.3);

    Illinois: English Language Arts State Goal 2: 2.A.5c, 2.A.5d, 2.B.4b; ;

    Pennsylvania: 1.3. Reading, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature : Grade 8 - 1.3.8(F); Grade 11 - 1.3.11(F);

    Ohio: No applicable standards could be found;

    Michigan: Content Standard 5: Middle School: 1, 2, 4, 5; High School: 1, 4, 5;

    New Jersey: Grade 12: 3.1: G.5 and 3.5: A.1;

    Georgia: Georgia's Reading and American Literature Performance Standards, Grades 10, 11, 12: ELAALRL2 - ELAALRL4;

    North Carolina: English Language Arts Grades 9-12: English I - Competency Goal 5.01; English II - Competency Goal 2; English III - Competency Goals 2 and 5.

    Last updated February 15, 2008.

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