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    Teachers and parents seeking the full range of curriculum standards which can be served by this film should carefully review the standards applicable to their state. The following is a base from which to start for the eleven most populous states. We have not included standards which apply to general concepts or to skills of analysis or performance.

    California: Health Frameworks: Grades 4 through 6: Expectation 3; Middle School: Expectations 3, 4 and 7: High School: Expectations 3, 4, 5 and 6. California Proposed Health Standards: Grade 6: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: 6.1.A.1, 6.1.A.6, 6.1.A.7; 6.2.A.10; 6.5.A.17; Mental Emotional and Social Health: 6.1.M.6; 6..1.M.7; 6.2.M.10; Injury Prevention and Safety 6.1.S.1; Grades Seven/Eight: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: 7/8.1.A.1 - 4; 7/8.1.A.6, Growth, Development, and Sexual Health: 7/8.1.G.12; Mental Emotional and Social Health: 7/8.1.M.1, 3, 6, 11; 7/8.2.M.12; 7/8.5.M.22 - 24, & 29; Injury Prevention and Safety 7/8.1.S.9; High Schoo: Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs: HS.1.A.2, 4, 6, 9; HS.2.A.11, HS.7.A.20 & 21; Mental, Emotional, and Social Health: HS.1.M.2, 3, 9, 13, 14, 22, & 27; Injury Prevention and Safety: and HS.1.S.1 & 2.


    Texas Essential Knowledge Skills: Health Education: Chapter 115, Subchapter A. Kindergarten through Grade 1: (b) (2)(C); Grade 2: (b) (2)(A)(D); Grade 3: (b) (2)(B); Grade 4; (b) (4)(B-D); Grade 5: (b)(5)(A-D,F); Subchapter B. Grade 6: (b) (5)(C-E), (9)(A) & (B); Grades 7-8: (b) (5)(H),(J-L); and Subchapter C.Health 1, Grades 9-10 115.32: (b): (3)(C), (7)(A-E); Grades 11-12: (c)(3)(C), (4)(C), (7)(D-F).

    New York Learning Standards: Learning Standards for Health, Physical Education, and Family and Consumer Sciences at Three Levels: Elementary, Intermediate and Commencement Level: Health Education: Standard 1 and A Guidance Document for Achieving the New York State Standards in Health Education Alcohol and Other Drugs Functional Knowledge, pages 37 - 39, Elementary, Intermediate and Commencement Levels.

    Florida Sunshine State Standards: Health Education: Grades 6-8: HE.A.1.3.2; HE.A.2.3.2-.4, .6; HE.B.1.3.1-.2, .6; HE.B.3.3.2, .6 and Grades 9-12: HE.A.1.4.2; HE.A.2.4.2, 4 & 6; HE.B.1.4.1, 2 & 5; HE.B.3.4.2 - 5 & 7; and HE.C.1.4.5.

    Illinois Learning Standards: STATE GOAL 23. Understand human body systems and factors that influence growth and development: Late Elementary: 23.B.2; Middle/Jr. High School: 23.B.3; Late High School: 23.B.5; and STATE GOAL 24: Promote and enhance well-being through the use of effective communication and decision-making skills: Early Elementary: 24.C.1; Late Elementary: 24.C.2.

    Pennsylvania Academic Standards: Health, Safety and Physical Education: Through Grade 3: 10.1.3.D; Through Grade 6: 10.1.6.D; Through Grade 9: 10.1.9.A and D, 10.4.9.C; Through Grade 12: 10.1.12.D.

    Ohio Academic Content Standards: No specific Health Education standards could be found.

    Michigan Content Standards and Benchmarks: Applied Health Care Concepts: Middle School and High School: Content Standard 3; in addition, general Content Standards 1-3, and 5 can apply.

    New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards: Comprehensive Health and Physical Education Through Grade 2: Standards 2.3.B.1 and .4, 2.3.C.1-.2; Through Grade 4: Standards 2.3.B.1 and .4-.6, 2.3.C.1-.4; Through Grade 6: Standards 2.3.6.B.3-.8 and 2.3.6.C.1-.4; Through Grade 8: Standards 2.3.8.B.3-.4 and 2.3.8.C.; Through Grade 12: 2.3.12.B.3-.8; 2.3.12.C.1-.5; 2.3.12C, 2.3.12D

    Georgia Performance Standards: QCC Standards and Resources: Health Grade 1: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topic 2; Grades 2 and 3: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topics 1-3; Grade 4: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topics 2, 4; Grade 5: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topics 1, 2, 4, 5; Grade 6: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topics 1-4; Grade 7: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topics 1, 2, 4; Grade 8: Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drugs Topics 1-3, 5; Grades 9-12: Standard SAP5.B.

    North Carolina Standard Course of Study: Healthful Living Standards Competency Goal 5 (Substance Abuse Prevention): Grade 4: 5.02-5.04; Grade 5: 5.01-5.02, 5.05; Grade 6: 5.01-5.02, 5.05; Grade 7: 5.01, 5.03-.06; Grade 8: 5.01-5.02, 5.04, 5.07; High School: 5.02-5.07.

    Last updated August 29, 2007.

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