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      We currently have Curriculum Standards for the following subject matters and films.

      Teachers and parents seeking the full range of curriculum standards which can be served by this film should carefully review the standards applicable to their state.



    Pre-Revolutionary War

    1750 - 1812

    1812 - 1860

    The Civil War

    1865 - 1913

    World War I

    World War I and the 1920s

    The Great Depression

    World War II

    The Cold War

    The Civil Rights Movement

    1991 - present

    United States - Civics

    World - Communism

    Due Process

    Human Rights

    Media Literacy


    Alcohol and Drug Abuse

    English Language Arts - Essay Writing

    English Language Arts - Slave Narrative


    Mass Casualties Lesson Plan

    Migration, Nomadism and Dormancy Lesson Plan


    Behind the Sun

    The Crossing

    Ever After

    For Love or Country

    A Force More Powerful


    Lorenzo's Oil

    Something the Lord Made / Partners of the Heart

    Stand and Deliver - Literary Devices

    Stand and Deliver - The Movement of Ideas and the Maya

    Stand and Deliver - Public Policy and Burdens of Proof (Due Process)

    Super Size Me

    Warm Springs


    Last updated August 15, 2008.

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