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    Spanish Expressions in My Family

    1. El Pueblo Nuestra Señora Reina de Los Angeles: according to some historians this was an early name for Los Angeles."

    2. Jalisco and Colima: States in Mexico.

    3. Andale, can cuidado: Come on with care.

    4. Hazle un lugar ahi: Make a place for him there.

    5. Niños: children.

    6. Tu café con leche está listo:Your coffe with milk is ready.

    7. Mi cafecito: My coffee.

    8. La Migra: The Immigration and Naturalization Service (now called the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service, "USCIS").

    9. Por favor, Señor: Please, mister.

    10. Pinche: ***.

    11. Pachuco: a male member of a Mexican-American subculture in the 1930s to 1950; pachucos wore zoot suits, had an exuberant nightlife, and engaged in flamboyant public behavior; some were associated with street gangs.

    12. hermano, hermana: brother, sister.

    13. aboratte*: colloquial for "go away," "leave," "disappear yourself."

    14. Cholo: a person who is of mixed Spanish and native American heritage; a half-breed; it is often pejorative.

    15. Ese: slang to refering to the person you are talking to; it is often seen as a perjorative reference to a person of Hispanic heritage.

    16. Pues nada: well, nothing.

    17. Apurate: hurry up (When Irene says this to her sister Toni, she is being sarcastic.)

    18. Machismo: male chauvinism.

    19. Brindis: a toast;

    20. Felicidades: congratulations;

    21. Ella es la mama: She is the mother.

    22. No te hagas rogar: You don't have to beg.

    23. Salud: To your health.

    24. Salud a todos: To everyone's health.

    25. Mariachi: a form of folk music from Mexico.

    26. Los apostoles: The Apostles.

    27. Puta, puto: prostitute; when referring to a man it is a general insult.

    28. Que Pasa: What's going on?

    29. Vato: Dude.

    30. Carnal, carnala: buddy, relative.

    31. Que te metas para adentro: What did I say about staying inside?

    32. Milpa: cornfield.

    33. Chavalito: little boy.

    34. Jefe: boss, leader, chief, commander; in a family, Father; Jefecita is Mother.

    35. Mota: slang for marijuana.

    36. No es tiempo para esto: This is not the time for this.

    37. Sinverguenzas delincuentes:criminals

    38. Pero tu . . . . : But you . . . .

    39. No tienes consciensia: You have no conscience.

    40. No tienes dignidad: You have no dignity.

    41. A la chingada con eso!: F..k that!

    42. No hagas esto, mijo: Don't do this, son.

    43. No hagas esto: Don't do this.

    44. Largate: Get out of here.

    45. Que estas haciendo: What are you doing?

    46. Mijo: Son.

    47. Chinga tu madre.: F__k you.

    48. Y mi jefita, como está?: How is mother doing?

    49. Y mi jefe, qué dice?: And Dad, what does he say?

    50. Nada: nothing.

    51. Vete: Get out of here.

    52. Hasta Mañana: Until tomorrow.

    53. Apurate: Hurry up.

    54. Mira: Look at.

    55. Con permisso: Excuse me.

    56. Vas a ver:You'll see.

    57. Quadese ahi: Stay there.

    58. Está muerto: He is dead.

    59. La pinta*: slang for prison.

    60. Hola: Hello or Hey there.

    61. Callate: Be quiet, Shut up.

    62. Hijo de: Son of . . . .

    63. Un Sacerdote: a priest.

    64. mi vida: my life, my darling

    65. Mucho gusto: nice to meet you.

    66. Mi querido: my darling

    67. Y (as in "Y Paco": and.

    68. Abogado: lawyer.

    69. Hombre: lman.

    70. Mujer: woman.

    71. Hombre y mujer, ¿sabes?: Man and woman, understand?

    72. Pero: but.

    73. Este pastel esta muy bueno: This cake is very good.

    74. Baboso: lovestruck, drooling, fawning.

    75. Ruca: Old maid.

    76. Pendejo: jerk, coward.

    77. Cabrona: bitch.

    78. Es la pura verdad: It is the pure truth.

    79. Vos tenes que ayudarme: You have to help me.

    80. Me acabo de casar y no se adonde voy a ir: I just got married and I don't know what I'm going to do.

    81. ¿Vos sabes dodne está Jimmy?: Do you know where Jimmy is?

    82. No puede creer esto: I can't believe this.

    83. Ya lo llame: I'm going to call him now.

    84. ¿Que Voy a hacer?: What am I going to do?

    85. Oye: Hey.

    86. Ven acá, hijo: Come here, son.

    87. Explícame qué pasa aqui: Explain to me what's going on here.

    88. Chingao: f__cked up.

    89. Ay, Dios: Oh, God.

    90. Porqueria politica: political crap.

    91. Sagradas: sacred.

    92. Y tu te callas: And you shut up.

    93. Te fregaste: You messed up.

    94. No quiero: I don't want.

    95. Vato loco: Crazy dude.

    96. Canton: lang for a house in the barrio.

    97. Viva la Raza: Long live the mestizo race.

    98. Entonces qué: Then what.

    99. ¿Eres mi hombre?: Are you my man?

    100. ¿Si o no?: Yes or no?

    101. Te regalo una rosa: I give you a rose.

    102. Si, vamos: Yes, let's go.

    103. No se si esta desnuda: I dont know if it's naked.

    104. O tiene un solo vestido: or just one dress — this line and line # * are from the album "Bachata Rosa" by Juan Luis Guerra.

    105. ¿Que dolor, no?: It was painful, wasn't it?

    106. Grandissima ciudad: Big city.

    107. Los soldados: the soldiers.

    108. Ay, imuchacho travieso, sinverguenza: mischevious scoundrel -- can't find a meaning for "imuchacho."

    109. Ven aqui: come here.

    110. Te voy a pegar Mocoso: You brat. I'm going to spank you.

    111. Mocoso, ya veras: Sntty nosed squirt, you will see.

    112. Muchacho malcriado, ahora veras: spoiled boy, now you will see.

    113. ¿Que pasa aqui, senora?: What's going on here, Senora?

    114. Pero ese nino es un desgraca: But, that child is a disgrace.

    115. Abuelita, Abuelito: grandmother, grandfather.

    116. te voy a comer vivo, vas a ver: I'm going to eat you alive, you'll see.

    117. Mucha hierba: a lot of grass.

    118. Es que no puede, jefe: This can't be done, Dad.

    119. ¿Si, mi Chapulin?: What is it my grasshopper?

    120. Hola, mi amor. ¿Ququé haces?: Hello, my love, what are you making? or Hello, my love, what are you doing?

    121. Calma: calm down.

    122. Escucha a Mami: Listen to mother.

    123. Lo siento, mijo: I'm sorry, son.

    124. Salud: Cheers.

    125. Qué pasa: What's up?

    126. Tu café con leche está listo:Your coffe with milk is ready.

    127. Vamos hombre. Andale: Go man, hurry.

    128. Andae: Come on.

    129. Mi familia: My family.