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SUBJECTS — World/Holocaust, WWII, Germany; Religions: Judaism);

Age: 13+; MPAA Rating -- none but would be PG-13 for disturbing images; Interview; 2006; Color. Available from Youtube: Full Movie on Youtube (45 minutes) and in six sections from Schooltube (47 minutes total; Section 1 — 9:59 minutes; Section 2 — 5:18 minutes; Section 3 — 8:07 minutes; Section 4 — 9:53 minutes; Section 5 — 9:53 minutes; & Section 6 — 3:59 minutes).

Description: These videos provide an introduction to Ellie Wiesel's moving memoir of the Holocaust and contain a few short passages from the book read by the author. .

Rationale for Using the Video: The visual images and the fact that popular TV personality and actress Oprah Winfrey accompanies Professor Wiesel and interviews him with compassion will lead students to be more interested in reading the book. The experience of Professor Wiesel will no longer be just words on a printed page and the story will be easier for students access. Watching one of the videos will be especially valuable for students who are not strong readers or who might have difficulty identifying with the victims of the Holocaust.

Objectives/Student Outcomes Using this Learning Guide: Students will be more motivated to read Ellie Wiesel's Night and they will read the book with increased interest and comprehension.

Possible Problems: The full YouTube version is not a final cut and some of the scenes repeat themselves. The resolution is not the best and is probably not good enough for a full screen.

There are many excellent curriculum materials on the Internet. At this time, TWM does not have any additional suggestions.


This Learning Guide written by James Frieden and was published on June 6, 2015.

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