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Comment to Learning Buide to "Outbreak"

This e-mail was received from a parent opposed to the use of this film as a teaching tool.

Dear Sir:

Thank you for your response to my letter. I am a parent who is concerned about the schools here using the R rated movies to teach children 13 - 17. I am against using these sorts of movies for educational purposes because I feel teachers have better options to choose from to give children a wider scope on a subject. I'm sorry, but viewing a movie such as "Outbreak" to teach a 15 year old in a biology class how to contain a virus isn't what I send my children to school for! I strongly oppose the use of movies that have an R rating for school viewing. I don't oppose movies that were made for educational purposes. Hollywood has produced some good movies over the years that I'm sure are helpful to teachers to get a point across. However, it's a sad day when a teacher has to resort to movies that contain, foul language, nudity, and extreme violence to teach. These children are our future educators, leaders, and parents. Do we really want them to take Hollywood's view of things and teach it to them as a way of life? We have children in our school system that can't construct a complete sentence, have terrible spelling, can't add, but they sure know how to view a movie. I don't mean to preach to you, but this is why I am opposed to viewing movies in the classroom. I'm sure a movie once in a while would enhance a subject being taught. However, in our high school, there is a class that the kids have nick named, "The Blockbuster Course" because they view so many movies.

Your website showed me that there are movies out there that can be used by the teacher that are suitable for young adults, and teens.... Thank you for your service ...

From a concerned parent ------ March 3, 1999

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