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    SUBJECTS — World/England; Literature/England;
    SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING — RomanticRelationships;
    MORAL-ETHICAL EMPHASIS — Responsibility.
    Age: 10+; MPAA Rating -- PG for brief mild language; Drama; 1995; 107 minutes; Color;Available from Amazon.com.

    Description:     This film is an adaptation of the Jane Austen novel about courting among the English upper class in the early 19th century.

    Benefits of the Movie:     The movie provides an excellent introduction to Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. A college level teacher has reported that her students are more interested in reading another Jane Austen novel, Sense and Sensibility, after they have seen a film version. When tested against a control group who only read the book, students who had seen the film before reading the book had a better understanding of the characters and the plot. Viewing this movie before reading the novel Persuasion should have the same result. (See "Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility as Gateway to Austen's Novel" by Cheryl L. Nixon contained in Jane Austen in Hollywood, Edited by Linda Troost and Sayre Greenfield, 1998, University of Kentucky Press, pages 140 - 147.) For more suggestions about using filmed adaptations of literary works in the ELA classroom, see Lesson Plans Using Film Adaptations of Novels, Short Stories and Plays.


Benefits of the Movie
Possible Problems
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Discussion Questions:
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WORKSHEETS: TWM offers the following worksheets to keep students' minds on the movie and direct them to the lessons that can be learned from the film. Teachers can modify the worksheets to fit the needs of each class. Movies as Literature Homework Project.

    Possible Problems:    None.

    Parenting Points:     Review Before Seeing the Film in the Learning Guide to "Pride and Prejudice" and communicate as much as possible to your child. You will not be able to cover everything but do the best you can. Immediately after the movie, or at odd times over the next week (for example at the dinner table or in the car on the way to school) bring up one of the Discussion Questions, starting with the Quick Discussion Question in the sidebar. Don't worry if you can only get through a few questions. Allow your child to watch the movie several times and continue to ask and help him or her answer more discussion questions.

    Selected Awards, Cast and Director:

      Selected Awards:  None.

      Featured Actors:  Amana Root, Ciaran Hinds, Susan Fleetwood and Corin Redgrave.

      Director:  Roger Mitchel.
QUICK DISCUSSION QUESTION:  Why did Anne turn down Captain Wentworth's first proposal?

Reminder to Teachers: Obtain all required permissions from your school administration before showing any film.

Teachers who want parental permission to show this movie can use TWM's Movie Permission Slip.


For English Language Arts classes, distribute TWM's Film Study Worksheet. Teachers can modify the worksheet to fit the needs of each class. Ask students to fill out the worksheet as they watch the film or at the film's end.

    Helpful Background:

      See Learning Guide to "Pride and Prejudice". Of the many excellent film adaptations of Jane Austen novels made in the 1990s, "Persuasion" is the most true to the book. While not as popular with audiences as some of the other recent film adaptations of Jane Austen's novels, it won the widest critical acclaim.

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  Select questions that are appropriate for your students.

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    Social-Emotional Learning Discussion Questions:


    1.  Why did Anne turn down Captain Wentworth's first proposal?

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    Bridges to Reading: For Parents: Encourage your child to read Persuasion after seeing the film. The book is much more detailed than the film and contains subplots and descriptions not seen in the film. Perhaps one of the parents (or both) could read it with your child and discuss your reactions as you go along.

MOVIES ON RELATED TOPICS: Other excellent film adaptations of Jane Austen novels include: Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, and Emma.

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    Bibliography: In addition to websites which may be linked in the Guide and selected film reviews listed on the Movie Review Query Engine, the following resources were consulted in the preparation of this Learning Guide:

    • "Balancing the Courtship Hero - Masculine Emotional Display in Film Adaptions of Austen's Novels" and
    • "Emma Thompson's Sense and Sensibility as Gateway to Austen's Novel" contained in Jane Austen in Hollywood, Edited by Linda Troost and Sayre Greenfield, 1998, University of Kentucky Press.

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