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    One of the Best! This movie is on TWM's list of the ten best movies to supplement classes in Science, High School Level.
    SUBJECTS — Science; the Environment;
    SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING — Caring for Animals.

    Age: 12+; MPAA Rating -- G; Documentary; 2001; 98 minutes; Color; Available from Amazon.com.

    Description:     This movie describes the wonder of avian migration. The filmmakers got very close to the birds as they flew. The photography is spectacular.

    Benefits of the Movie:  This movie is an excellent way of introducing and building an interest in a unit on migration. See TWM's Lesson Plan on Migration, Nomadism, and Dormancy.

    Possible Problems:     NONE. "Winged Migration" is a little long for most students to watch the full movie. However, the film follows the migration of one species after another in discrete episodes. It can be easily stopped at the end of any of particular migration.

    Parenting Points:     This movie is too long for most children in a home environment. Just show about an hour of it and let them stop when they have had enough. Then take them through the pictures and diagrams in TWM's Lesson Plan on Migration, Nomadism, and Dormancy and talk to them a little about what they show. Some display beautiful animals. There is one example of a lopsided V flying formation and there are diagrams of migration routes in North America. It will probably be a good idea for parents to skim the factual portion of the lesson plan before showing the pictures. Ten minutes of preparation will yield great results in the amount of information that can be imparted to a child.

Benefits of the Movie
Possible Problems
Parenting Points
Selected Awards & Cast

For a movie worksheet for this film, see Film Study Worksheet for a Documentary.

    Selected Awards, Cast and Director:

      Selected Awards: 2003 Academy Awards Nominations: Best Documentary, Features (Jacques Perrin).

      Featured Actors: Philippe Labro -- Narrator (English version)

      Director: Jacques Perrin, Jacques Cluzaud and Michel Debats.

For all other sections of this Guide to go TWM's Lesson Plan on Migration, Nomadism, and Dormancy Helpful Background

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