Instructions For Printing TWM Learning Guides and Indexes

Below are some instructions to ensure that you can print what you see online at Be sure to check TWM's Terms of Use
By default, your web browser software sets page margins for printing pages from the Internet. These preset margins are frequently incompatible with the actual margins of pages you see on the Net. You can correct this situation for pages from by altering some of your browser's settings.

Assuming that you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, please click on the "File" menu at the top left of your browser window (see illustration at left) and then click on the "Page Setup..." option. Once the Page Setup options appear, you are only seconds away from making simple changes to your browser settings that will result in complete print-outs of pages from

Now that your Page Setup window has presented itself, please look for the "Margin (inches)" area of that window. It consists of four measurements: left, right, top, and bottom. In each of theses four boxes you should see numbers and decimels like "0.75" or "1.25." Replace all of these figures with "0.25" (without the quotes) as in the illustration at right. By changing the preset figures in these boxes to "0.25", you are establishing that any pages you print from the Internet will occupy the maximum amount of space on a printed page that your printer will allow. In other words, not only will pages print more productively after making these changes, but all web pages you print should now be more faithful to their online counterparts.

Once you have made the Margins (inches) changes suggested here, please click on the "OK" button at the bottom of the Page Setup window. Once you have clicked OK, any web page you print should consist of all the information you need, without words bleeding off the edge of the page or any important information getting lost.

Now all that you need to do is return to the page you wish to print and click on the print button at the top of your screen.

If you are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer, find the appropriate setup parameters for your web browser and make changes similar to those described above. is updated frequently. See What's New on TWM. This particular web page was published on November 8, 2004.

TWM grants free limited licenses to copy TWM curriculum materials only to educators in public or non-profit schools and to parents trying to help educate their children. See TWM's Terms of Use for a full description of the free licenses and limits on the rights of others to copy TWM.