Note to Teachers:
The best way to get parental permission to show a movie is to inform parents about its benefits, in addition to describing any possible problems. Therefore, TWM suggests that teachers attach those pages of the Learning Guide for the movie that contain the Description, Benefits, Possible Problems, and Parenting Points sections. (The Parenting Points section may lead parents to talk about the movie with their children.) TWM grants to teachers in non-profit or pubic schools permission to copy and distribute those pages of any Learning Guide for this purpose. See Terms of Use. A form movie permission slip that can be adapted for any film and which is suitable for printing is available at Movie Permission Slip.

Warning: does not warrant that the Possible Problems section of any Learning Guide contains a description of all of the potential objections that parents might have to the movie. Teachers need to make full disclosure of any element of a film that might be important to the parents of their students. This description can be added to the permission slip.


I have reviewed the Description, Benefits and Possible Problems sections of the attached Learning Guide to [Fill in name of movie]. I am aware that the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) has given this film the rating set out on the Learning Guide.

[Add any additional comments or a description of problems that parents may have with the movie.]

I give permission for my child _____________________________________ to watch the film in [Fill in name of class, teacher and school].

_________________________________ Date:
Signature of Parent

Please return only the signed permission slip.

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