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August 31, 2012 Announces a New Lesson Plan for The Help has applied its system for helping teachers create exciting lesson plans from movies and film to The Help...[read full article]

August 31, 2012
An Innovative Way for Teachers to Use 127 Hours in the Classroom New Lesson Plan Materials is Released by
The story of how Aron Ralston cut off his arm to save his life gripped the nation. A book and movie soon followed. has developed a Writing Lesson Plan from 127 Hours that uses the thoughts and ideas developed in the book to get students writing and thinking...[read full article]

July 16, 2012 Releases Its Summer Viewing List for Elementary School Students
Kids may not be in school for the summer but they can learn a lot through movies. has just announced its summer viewing list for elementary school students...[read full article]

July 6, 2012 Releases Its Summer Viewing List for Middle School Students, ages 11 13
Movies can be part of summer fun and parents can help their middle-school students keep their minds growing by serving up good quality films. To assist parents in selecting films for their children, has just announced its middle-school summer viewing list...[read full article]

April 30, 2012
Teach With Movies Offers New School and Group Discounts
April 30, 2012
Teach With Movies Re-publishes its Learning Guide to The Ox-Bow Incident, Helping History Teachers Show Students the Importance of Due Process
Viewers of the Ox-Bow Incident receive a gut-wrenching lesson in what happens when there is a rush to judgment in which the presumption of innocence is abandoned, procedural protections are thrown aside and three innocent men are hanged. announces re-publication of its popular Learning Guide to the film. With a little scaffolding, "The Ox-Bow Incident" is a great civics lesson...[read full article]

March 31, 2012
Learning from "Remember the Titans" the Civil Rights Movement Remembered; Lesson Plan Materials Re-Published by announces the re-publication of its popular Learning Guide to "Remember the Titans". It was only 40 years ago, but Americans didn't know if whites and blacks could play together on the same high school football team. This film is remarkably accurate in its portrayal of how the coaches and players pulled together and overcame centuries of racial hostility...[read full article]

March 30, 2012
Torture of Suffragists in 1917; Curriculum Materials with the Film 'Iron Jawed Angels' Publication Announced by
Behind the iconic photographs of the suffragist ladies in their long white dresses picketing the White House in 1917, there is a tale of attempted suppression by the government, employing false arrest, unfair trials, imprisonment, and torture. These events are accurately portrayed in the movie "Iron Jawed Angels". announces the publication of curriculum materials that include oral history interviews with two suffragists, historical background, a description of what is and is not accurate in the movie, discussion questions, and assignments...[read full article]

March 26, 2012
TV Program Worksheets for Homework - Innovative Lesson Plans Offered by offers new "movie worksheets" to serve as the core for lesson plans designed around the TV programs that students watch at home. The new worksheets can be used with: documentary-like shows about nature, history, or scientific discoveries; news and current events programming; shows that tell a story (soaps, dramas, and reality/survival shows); competitions (including food show bake-offs); and historical fiction. Surveys demonstrate that students are watching more television than ever. TWM's TV Program Worksheets for Homework will help teachers capitalize on their students' interest in watching television...[read full article]

February 29, 2012 Announces Its Selection of the Ten Best Movies for Teaching World History to Secondary School Students
After more than a decade of research, has selected the Ten Best World History Feature Films. Results were announced to coincide with the Academy Awards and include several past Best Picture winners...[read full article]

February 29, 2012 Announces New ELA Lesson Plan Materials for the Hero's Journey of Personal Growth and Development
New English Language Arts lesson plan materials for Joseph Campbell's Hero's Journey have just been published by, including an explanatory student handout, a worksheet with which to analyze the stages and archetypes of the Journey, and learning guides for popular movies in which the Journey appears. These films include "The Wizard of Oz," "Fly Away Home," and "Casablanca", each of which tells the story of an internal Journey of psychological growth and development...[read full article]

February 22, 2012
Nonfiction Lesson Plan Materials for Into the Wild Published by will be the First in a Series announces the publication of a series of curriculum materials for lesson plans for high school students based on book/movie combinations. The first is a Learning Guide for Into the Wild, based on the life and death of a young college graduate named Chris McCandless. In 1992, after a series of solo adventures in remote areas of the American West, McCandless starved to death on the edge of the Alaskan Wilderness...[read full article]

October 31, 2011, Inc. Announces New Curriculum Materials to Teach Historical Fiction in Social Studies Classes
Most of the history read or watched by students after they graduate will be historical fiction, either in novels or movies. Social studies teachers who show students how to analyze historical fiction will be helping students develop a skill that will be useful all their lives. has developed a new homework-based lesson plan and movie worksheet to assist social studies instructors in teaching the analysis of historical fiction...[read full article]