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Help teachers in your department enrich their classes, elicit outstanding performance from their students and meet curriculum standards.

  • Lesson plans based on film clips and full length movies;

  • Access to over 350 Lesson Plans and Learning Guides based on the best Movies Hollywood has to offer;

  • Inspiration is priceless!

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Take positive steps to improve the use of film in your school! Give your teachers the tools to make watching a film an inspiring educational experience that drives assignments and helps meet standards.

  • Your teachers and counseling staff will have a pre-evaluated list of movies to use;

  • Access to over 350 Learning Guides and Lesson Plans based on the best Movies Hollywood has to offer;

  • Inspiration is priceless!

»Once teachers have the tools to use feature films to best advantage, you can work with them using your skill as an administrator to ensure that movies are used infrequently but with maximum educational return consistent with applicable standards. See more about Common Core State Standards.

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Sample Learning Guides & Lesson Plans


Billy Budd - Sample Learning Guide
This film is a brilliant adaptation of Herman Melville's novella about a young man who is impressed from a merchant ship to a Royal Navy frigate. The story is set in 1797, during a war between royalist Britain and revolutionary France. The American and French revolutions have cast aside old concepts of authority and recent mutinies in the Royal Navy threaten hopes for military victory as well as the lives of the officers aboard ship.

Warm Springs - Sample Learning Guide
This film describes Franklin Delano Roosevelt's struggle against the effects of polio and his leadership in the development of a convalescent community at Warm Springs, Georgia. It shows an important stage in the development of his character. The movie also highlights innovations in treatment for victims of polio, most of them psychological, that Roosevelt helped pioneer at Warm Springs.

Finding Nemo - Sample Learning Guide
This movie can be used to jump-start the natural interest that children have in ocean life, coral reefs, and marine biology. It also teaches lessons about friendship, obeying parents, and avoiding dangerous situations. ding Nemo.

Super Size Me - Sample Learning Guide
Morgan Spurlock ate only food from McDonald's for 30 days: breakfast, lunch, and dinner. He was thoroughly tested by doctors before he started his "diet" and periodically tested throughout the 30 days. By the end of his experiment, the changes in his blood chemistry and the stress on his organs approximated the liver failure seen in advanced alcoholics, his cholesterol had risen to dangerous levels, and he had gained 24.5 lbs.

The Child Savior Myth and Literary Archetypes — A Snippet Lesson Plan Based on a Film Clip from Man on Fire will introduce students to the child savior myth, a recurring element in literature and film. Students will also be introduced to the concept of literary archetypes.

MicroCosmos - Sample Set-Up-the-Sub Lesson Plan
This snippet contains four examples of symbiosis and predation in the insect world: (1) bees pollinating plants; the stamens of the flowers actually move to deposit pollen onto the bees; (2) a ladybug that is eating aphids is driven away by the ant which tends the aphids; the ant then strokes the aphids and harvests their honeydew; (3) grasshoppers are caught and eaten by a spider; (4) flying insects are caught by carnivorous plants.

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"I want you to know how delighted we were when we looked at your website this year and found out that you had added the Character Counts to your lesson plans. Our school has decided to use this for our character builder this year and your additions will make it wonderfully easy to tie our films in with the required lesson plans. All three of our music teachers use The Music Man, The King and I, Fiddler On The Roof, and all of the Composers Series during the school year. ... I told everyone in the teacher's computer training about your site. I'm sure they will enjoy it as much as we do."

- Patsy Elliott, Aikin Elementary
Paris, TX
"Super site! I'm developing and teaching a web-based History class through the University of North Texas and found your site tremendously helpful.... It's been a great resource for me."

- Dr. Matt Pearcy
University of North Texas
"After having seen the film Michael Collins on my computer I searched the Web for further information and found your home page. I wish to thank you for the profound evaluation of the film and the presentation of the historical background necessary to balance the historical distortions of the film.

Although I am no teacher and a father of rather grown up children (my age is 67) I was much impressed by the carefully written commentary and the questions for discussion; I will have to read some of them again and try to imagine myself in a class and to find my answer.

You are doing a very important work. I will be a regular user of your home page ....

Through your website I also discovered the Josephson Institute of Ethics website. The Institute offers very valuable guidelines for making ethical decisions, understandably written yet avoiding any orthodox opinion.

- Alfred Wehner

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