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    The Use of Acting Technique to Describe Character in
    Shakespearian and Other Plays — A Demonstration Using "Stage Beauty"

    Subject:     Drama/Shakespeare; Characterization

    Ages:          14+

    Length:       Snippet: Two segments of approximately 18 minutes total. Lesson: One and one half 45 to 55 minute class periods.

    Note to Teachers:   This snippet will be helpful for students in English or Drama classes who are going to read, watch, or perform any play, particularly Othello, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, or Hamlet.

    Learner Outcomes/Objectives:     Students will experience the importance of actors' body language, facial expressions, inflection, tone and volume to communicate ideas and feelings in the description of character in staged presentations.

    Rationale:     By sensitizing students to the presentation of character in dramatic presentations, this snippet will prepare them for reading, watching or performing any play that relies upon a close study of character.

    Description of the Snippet:     The snippet consists of two different performances of Desdemona's death scene from Shakespeare's Othello.


Learner Outcomes/Objectives
Description of the Snippet
Using the Snippet in Class:
      Step by Step
      Acting Activities


Location: The first version of Desdemona's death scene begins at the opening credits and runs for about 10 minutes. The next version of the death scene comes in DVD scene 22 and lasts for 8 minutes. Both versions end as the actor/actress playing Desdemona raises a hand, points a finger upward and reminds the audience that there is another scene to come.

Possible Problems with this Snippet: None.

Why Not Show the Entire Film? The movie is rated R for sexual content and language. However, it is a delightful piece of historical fiction with many interesting historical references.

Reminder: Obtain all required permissions from school administrators before showing this snippet.

Teachers who want parental permission to show this snippet can use TWM's Movie Permission Slip.


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