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Worksheet for Lesson Plan on Theme
Using "Pink Floyd: The Wall"
(1) What irony can be found in the church scene in which the mother prays while the boy plays with an airplane?

(2) Why do we laugh as one of the boy's friends falls down the hill? Is there irony our reaction to his mishap?

(3) How do color and sound create the dismal feeling in the animation?

(4) Which incidents in the snippet effectively show the boy's loneliness?

(5) What is the point being made as the boy, dressed in his father's uniform, sees his father's reflection in the mirror?

(6) The boy sees masks on the faces of the people in the train. Later he sees similar masks on the faces of the children in his fantasy. What are the filmmakers trying to tell us with the similarities in these two images?

(7) The teacher ridicules Pink. What irony can be found in the laughter of the other children in the classroom?

(8) The teacher reads lines of poetry from Pink's notebook and mocks the boy for writing them. These lines are lyrics from a song entitled "Money" which was on Pink Floyd's best selling album, Dark Side of the Moon. What irony can be found in this?

(9) At his home, the teacher is dominated by his wife. What has this to do with the way he treats the children?

(10) What is the symbolic meaning behind the teacher's words: "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding"?

(11) Metaphors can be visual as well as spoken or written. In this movie, a visual metaphor is generated through images of machines and assembly lines as the children march in lockstep. State the visual metaphor described by the images of the use of machines and assembly lines as the children march in lockstep.

(12) The hammer seen in the industrial setting of the school is known as a "dichotomous symbol," one that has two opposing meanings. What two symbolic meanings does the hammer suggest in this scene?

(13) The children falling into the meat grinder is another visual metaphor which makes a powerful point. What is the metaphor and what point does it make?

(14) What ironies can be found about the way in which, in Pink's fantasy, the students riot and tear down the school?

(15) The underlying concept of political nihilism is that the current institutional order is destructive but so deeply entrenched that it cannot be reformed; it must be completely destroyed. In what sense does Pink's fantasy of destruction envision an act of political nihilism?

(16) The riot scene ends and the camera returns to the boy in the classroom as the children recite the lesson. Discuss whether this ending suggests hope or futility?

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