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Snippet #1

Subject:     Literature/Literary Devices: -- Expository Phase and Adaptation of a Short Story to Film:

Grades:     9 and up.

Description:     This snippet is the expository phase of the film. It shows a young British aristocrat who is traveling in the wilds of the United States in 1845 seeking to "find his equals&uqot;. His traveling companions are a bunch of uncouth rustics. They are captured by a Native American raiding party. The snippet sets up the main character, the setting, the time and the conflict.

Length and Location:     Beginning of the film through the 15th minute; until the Indians have captured the Horse, brought him to their village and tied him to a stake.

Benefits:     This snippet shows a distinct expository phase. etc.

Possible Problems with this Snippet:     None

Curriculum standards for the 11 most populous states.

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Curriculum Standards for the 11 most Populous States:      
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