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Ideal for social and emotional learning!
Vicarious experiences are essential for learning how to act in society and maintain meaningful relationships. The planned and intelligent use of movies can be a valuable component for any afterschool or camp program, whether films are shown only during inclement weather, as a break from other activities, or as an integral part of the curriculum. Carefully selected movies teach excellent lessons in human relations and ethics. They are particularly valuable for social and emotional learning (SEL).

Click for samples: Sample Primary Level Guide to "Finding Nemo" (PDF); Instruction Page for Primary Level Guides (MS Word) and Sample Secondary Level Guide to "Remember the Titans" (PDF).

Primary Level Set One: (MPAA Ratings: G) Guides for: "Finding Nemo", "The Adventures of Milo and Otis", "Toy Story", "Cars", and "Babe"

Primary Level Set Two: (MPAA Ratings: G or PG) Guides for: "Happy Feet", "The Wizard of Oz", "An American Tail", "Mulan", and "A Bug's Life"

Secondary Level Set One: (MPAA Ratings: G) Guides for: "Brian's Song", "The Rookie", "Ice Princess", "My Fair Lady", and "The Black Stallion"

Secondary Level Set Two: (MPAA Ratings: G, PG or PG-13) Guides for: "Cool Runnings", "October Sky", "Remember the Titans", "Edge of America", and "High School Musical" (Note: "High School Musical" is a Disney Channel production which is not rated. If it were rated, it would have a G or PG rating.)

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Afterschool and Camp Guides are comb-bound and laminated.

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